Grobud app concept Grobud app concept Grobud app concept
Grobud logo exploration process

One of the worries from our clients was that the process of growing vegetables with an aeroponics machine can seem daunting – there are several settings to be tinkered with in the process.

This is why I decided to explore names and shapes of an organic nature, making them a vehicle to transmit friendliness, accessibility, and low-risk investement.

Above: final etape of the logo exploration. At this point the name was more or less already defined and the visual of the brand started to take shape.

Grobud graphic concept

At the same time I was defining the logo, different ideas for the look of the supporting brand graphics became clearer. Illustrations for the veggies seemed like the correct way to go. I scrapped pursuing clean minimalistic illustrations or high-res perfect photographed veggies, for grainy "covered-in-soil" type of textures that matched better with the brand image I was shaping.

By exploring supporting graphics, the voice of the brand began to come across stronger and clearer.

I realized that the name and logo shapes could be paired with cheeky statements. Through these statements I could now give life to the voice of the brand, leading me then to find a fitting typography pairing.

Plants dying and your hands getting dirty is a part of the growing vegetables process. The text and its vehicle (typography) needed to be represent this but also be inviting and joyful.

There was not enough information available on how the process from "seed to harvest" works. So, onboarding screens and beginner's guides were discarded and instead simple flows for initiated users drafted.

With these flows I aimed to cover the most important screens of the app: a home or overview, a screen to select what to grow next, a screen with growing settings featuring very nuanced controls, and a screen with bookmarked settings.

Two prototypes were created to get a feeling for some flows and how the technical aspects of the app can be married with the less-technical brand language.

Grobud app screen Grobud app screen Grobud app screen

Grobud brand exploration

For the Creative Leadership course (HMKW Berlin, M.A. Communication Design) I worked with two entrepreneurs who were looking for a brand fitting their aeroponics machine.

Students worked together for the initial exploration of brand narratives and naming workshops, but then each one of us continued the brand development individually.

As deliverables we agreed on a brand package (logo, color palettes, typography, etc.) and a control app for the machine.

The project results were shared in two days of presentations with intermissions for group discussion.

User Interface Design
Interaction Design